Molly Forsyth, MS, LAc 

Molly Forsyth is the founder of 8 Point Wellness, a boutique practice based in New York. She focuses on a diverse range of specialties including athletes, women’s wellness and fertility, auto-immune disorders along with men’s health. 

Each of her sessions are an intimate experience of discovery, treatment and healing. Whether your treatment is to focus on a particular condition or maintenance, Molly provides you with her undivided attention during your appointment and strives to build meaningful relationships with her clients. Whether that’s looking deeper into a condition by asking questions, listening, giving you personalized mantras or championing your wellness goals, her authenticity and personable demeanor is what her clients enjoy!

Her treatments are cumulative and go beyond a session. They help impact both the inner and outer aspects of your life to help provide balance and wellness.



Molly Forsyth, MS, LAc, Founder and Practitioner