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Goji Berries Goodness & How To Eat Them Properly

For the past few years goji berries have gained popularity as a superfood.  They can be found at nearly any grocery store now.

Most people use them as a topping - I don't know about you but the first time I had a dried goji berry I was unimpressed with the hardly chewable texture.  It was in my first term of grad school that a classmate passed around a jar of hard, dried goji berries. I tried one and wished I hadn't.  Shortly thereafter I learned how to prepare and eat them properly-- like an herbalist, and now I love them. 

Take a small handful- roughly ten berries and put them in a shallow pot of water, just enough to cover the berries.  Bring the water to a boil, turn it down to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes.  Keep the liquid! To gain the full benefit of goji berries pour both the berries and the liquid into your oatmeal, smoothie, etc.  What are goji berries good for? Nourishing yin, and blood- helping with vision, nourishing a dry cough.  If you have a sensitive stomach consider eating goji in moderation as they can be hard to digest- 1-2 times a week at most.