8 Point Wellness Patient Feature: Julie VerHage

Julie VerVage.png

We’re lucky to treat a lot of wonderful people. Our patients are doing some great things outside of the treatment room and in our latest column, we’ll be featuring their stories, and giving a little insight into the myriad reasons patients come to see us.

Julie is a Reporter at Bloomberg, and teaches cycling at Equinox. She’s been coming to our practice for about two years and focusing on a specific treatment plan.

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’ve always been athletic. Growing up I played three sports, worked on my family farm, and never had a serious injury or much pain since I was still so young and my body naturally recovered on its own very quickly. Today, my 'day job' doesn’t require too much movement, with me going from my desk to a few out of office meetings. But on the side, I teach cycling classes at Equinox and love working out once if not more a day, with a rest day thrown in there. On top of that, I've had issues with anxiety since high school, and let's just say living and working in NYC doesn't help with that, so stress levels are often high. 

What brought you to acupuncture?

Unfortunately, my body isn’t as capable of healing on its own anymore, and I suddenly had some aches and pains that were at the point of needing professional care.

I first found Molly via Instagram (I'm 28, sue me). I’d never tried acupuncture or cupping before, but one of my favorite trainers at Fhitting Room had posted about her a couple of times and I wanted to give it a shot following some pretty intense upper back pain. It was also around the same time that Michael Phelps had made cupping famous, so that helped too haha.

When did you start working with Molly?

About 2 years ago now and I’ve been going on and off since then. Usually once a week has been good for me during times where I’m having some issues. 

What are you focusing on during your sessions?

One thing you might not know about acupuncture is that it’s really good for things other than pain (aka: it also helps with that stress I was talking about). I’ve also used it for digestion on top of the muscle relaxation and anxiety relief, but it’s also something I’ll definitely consider in years ahead when I’m starting a family since it can help with fertility. 

What advice might you have for friends if they ask you why you go, what its like, etc?

Basically, as long as you are open with Molly or whoever else is your physician, just be as open as possible so they can know exactly what to treat you for. There could very well be things you didn’t even come in for that they can help you out with.

Where can we find you?

Instagram: @jewlz_in_nyc
On the bike teaching at Equinox:
Sunday: 9:15a at Bond Street, and 10:45 at Brookfield Place
Monday: 6:45a at Greenwich Ave
Tuesday: 7a Brookfield Place
Friday: 6a at Gramercy