8 Point Wellness Patient Feature: Stephanie De Flora

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We’re lucky to treat a lot of wonderful people. Our patients are doing some great things outside of the treatment room and in our latest column, we’ll be featuring their stories, and giving a little insight into the myriad reasons patients come to see us.

I’m Stephanie De Flora and I found my way to Molly and acupuncture almost 6 years ago.  Post burn-out and completely frustrated having returned to the corporate world, the grind of consulting wasn’t exactly why I explored “alternative” medicine.  Actually, I was seeking alternatives to years and years of harsh birth-control pills, experiencing significant side effects including migraines, simply to regulate my reproductive system.  What I came to learn with Molly’s guidance was that stress and my reproductive challenges where not mutually exclusive and if I wanted to ditch the pill, I needed to do some hard work to elevate stress.  About a year into our work together, my cycle was almost regulated and I was off the pill! 

Having experienced great success addressing my reproductive struggles, I wondered what else acupuncture could offer.  What I found was, as with most things, I have to show up to achieve results – regardless of how I, at any point in time, define “results”.  My sessions with Molly always start with a compassionate discussion of where I am (mentally, physically, emotionally) since we last met.  From there, Molly applies her depth of knowledge and experience to free areas of congestion leaving me completely “acu-stoned” at the end of the session.  

For me personally, Molly is an invaluable resource to living the quality of life I desire.  Often the mind-body connection is lost as I become focused on accomplishing tasks and it’s the inclusion of acupuncture that helps restore the scales of balance on a regular basis.   I’ve tackled the struggles of menstruation, career changes, break-ups, marriage, parents/parenting, physical ailments – all with the support of Molly and acupuncture.  I can’t imagine how hard all of this would have been had I not made my whole wellbeing a priority. 

My advice to anyone exploring acupuncture is to come with patience.  Most problems aren’t created in one hour and thus cannot be solved in one.  I also realized that what I thought was a simple problem (i.e. menstruation) was just the tip of the iceberg.  The ability to regain balance is there for the taking but it’s going to take a holistic approach.  

Where can we find you?

Stephanie provides strategic insights and analytical skills to organizations executing on critical "big-picture” initiatives. You can also catch her teaching yoga in Hoboken at Urban Souls on Wednesday’s: 6:15am Rise & Prime vinyasa and 7:20am Rise & Prime meditation.