Fashionable Acupuncture at David Barton Gym


Ready for Calm?

I had the opportunity to partner with David Barton Gym for an event they were doing with Glam & Go, the express styling service they offer at the gym. 

I did my best to compliment the work of the team with fashion-friendly Swarovski crystal ear seeds. As an acupuncturist, I often place these bejeweled, medicinal seeds over a point called Shen Men or "The Gate of Heaven." This popular point helps to calm stress, ease anxiety, increase energy, and improve sleep.

In Chinese Medicine, the ear represents a microsystem of the entire body, with regions and points that correspond to specific organs, systems and emotions. The seeds were traditionally made from Vaccaria seeds, but have been modified over time to include gold, silver, metals and crystals. They are often complimented as jewelry, making them both visually appealing and medically relevant. 

There are many benefits of ear seeds. For starters, they are not needles, so patients can wear them home and leave them in anywhere from a few days to two weeks. In my practice, I like to use them to extend the duration of support between treatments. You can massage the seeds into your ears for convenient symptom relief throughout the day, and they have versatile implications including pain, stress, addiction, and more. 

To get your ear seed game on, contact Molly to set up an acupuncture appointment today!